GKe. Gestión de Espacios farmacéuticos
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Discover how these unique services can elevate your pharmacy to new levels of success. At GKe!+, we don’t just transform spaces; we create experiences that drive customer satisfaction and increase conversions.

Our exclusive services to boost your Pharmacy:


Ergonomic Advice and Spatial Distribution

We ensure that every corner of your pharmacy is optimised for maximum efficiency and convenience. With a focus on ergonomic advice, we design the spatial layout to improve work flow, allowing your team to move around efficiently and provide a faster, friendlier service.


Personalised Customer Experience

At GKe!+, we not only design functional spaces, but also memorable experiences for your customers. We create specific zones that highlight key product categories, facilitating navigation and encouraging impulse buying. The strategic arrangement of design elements invites customers to explore and discover products, enhancing the overall experience.


Integrated Technology

Modernise your pharmacy with integrated technology solutions. From smart lighting systems to interactive touch screens, we provide technology options that not only enhance the appearance but also the functionality of your space. Technology integration creates a modern and engaging experience for your customers.


Tailor-made furniture

At GKe!+, we don’t just create pharmacy furniture, we design customised solutions to improve the efficiency and comfort of your team. From gondolas and shelves to counters and drawer units, our furniture is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, in tune with the overall design of your pharmacy.


Customisable accessories:

Our line of accessories gives you the freedom to customise your furniture according to your preferences.From magnetic stickers to hooks and adjustable shelves, we provide you with the tools to make your pharmacy look exactly the way you want it to, allowing you to organise your products efficiently.

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