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Welcome to GKe!+

We transform your pharmacy into unique and functional pharmacy spaces.

At GKe!+ we understand that your pharmacy is more than just a place for transactions; it is a living space that reflects the essence of your business and provides an exceptional experience for your customers. We specialise in pharmacy refurbishment and interior design, creating environments that adapt to your current and future needs, evolving with your business to increase profitability and enhance the customer experience.
Diseño de fachadas para farmacias

Latest projects


Reforms and Custom Design

We design and refurbish pharmacies just like yours, capturing the essence of your business and providing a unique experience. Our healthcare spaces are original, intelligent, and modular, allowing flexibility to adapt to your changes and needs.

Tailor-made furniture

At GKe!+, we don't just create pharmacy furniture, we design bespoke solutions to improve the efficiency and comfort of your team. From shelves and shelving to counters and drawer units, our furniture is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, in tune with the overall design of your pharmacy.

Customisable Accessories

Our line of accessories gives you the freedom to customise your furniture according to your preferences. From magnetic stickers to hooks and adjustable shelves, we provide you with the tools to make your pharmacy look exactly the way you want it to, allowing you to organise your products efficiently.

Tailor-made budgets

At GKe!+, we understand the importance of working within a budget. We'll always meet your financial needs, offering you the best possible solution without compromising on quality of design and functionality.

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Discover how we can transform your pharmacy into a unique and attractive pharmacy space. At GKe!+, we fuse aesthetics and functionality to create the perfect environment that reflects the essence of your business. Contact us and discover the potential of your pharmacy today!

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